PRP Microneedling

Watch Dr. Marco Zahedi treat a patient with PRP Micro-needling. The procedure is painless after topical anesthesia. The therapy will treat superficial and deep wrinkles, all types of scars including acne, provides a exfoliation to your skin and if injected in the hairline it will stimulate hair follicle recruitment for balding/thinning. It’s a natural approach to combat aging.

LED Skin Therapy

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LED Light Therapy – Five treatment goals 1) Blue Light kills bacteria For Acne treatment 2) Red Light Stimulates Collagen for Wrinkled Skin 3) Yellow Light neutralizes pigmentations like Sun Spots from UV damage and 4) IPL treates hyperpigmentations like Melasma and 5) Green Light is soothing to accelerate skin healing and reduce bruising after procedures like botox and fillers.


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Hydrofacial – A combination of a hydrating facial with micro-dermabrasion. A Quick and Painless way to extract and exfoliate dead skin and clogged pores anywhere on the face and body. Instant glowing skin.

Thread Lift Non-Surgical Face Lift

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Watch as Dr. Marco Zahedi performs a facelift in under 45 minutes using a non-surgical, FDA approved PDO Suture aka Thread Lift.

Bio-identical Hormone Pellet Placement

Learn How a Bio-identical Hormone Pellet is Placed by Dr. Z in under 5 minutes.

Capily Hair Analysis